Rose Road Luxe Long Sleeve Tee

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A classic easy to wear tee shirt - made with thick quality tee shirting fabric Cotton with just a hint of Elastane to give it that perfect stretch and recovery.

A flattering curved hem at the front and back - these are true to size for that classic fitted tee shirt fit. Featuring cuffs on the end of the sleeve with thumbholes.

XS is equivalent to a size 6-8, S 8-10, M 12, L 14, XL 16

Length - measuring from the side of the neck to the hem - CM
All sizes 74.5cm

1/2 Chest - measuring from under one armhole, across the chest, to the other armhole (not the whole way around) - CM
XS - 42
S - 44
M - 46
L - 48
XL - 50